Community Contributors

Aaron Silvers, Data Interoperability Standards Consortium

Alex Horan, Riptide Learning

Amanda Bond

Andrew Downes, Watershed LRS

Andy Creighton, ADL

Andy Johnson, ADL

Anthony Altieri, Omnes Solutions

Avron Barr, IEEE-LTSC

Ben Betts, HT2 Labs

Charles Touron, Department of Army

Chris Raasch, Data Interoperability Standards Consortium

David Pate, Riptide Learning

Freddie O’Connell, Rustici Software

James Mullaney, HT2 Labs

Jason Haag, ADL

Jeffery Palazzo

Jessie Chuang, Classroom Aid

John Blackmon, Trivantis

J. Pablo Caballero, Acutilis

Henry Ryng

Kyle Moran, ADL

Liliana Behny, Department of Army

Lou Wolford, ADL

Mark Grant

Megan Bowe, Data Interoperability Standards Consortium

Michael Thompson, Department of National Defence

Michael Yudelson, Carnegie Learning/Carnegie Mellon University

Nick Washburn, Riptide Learning

Pankaj Agrawal, Next Software Solutions

Russell Duhon, SaltBox

Ryan Smith, HT2 Labs

Shelly Blake-Plock, Yet Analytics

Steven Vergenz, ADL

Tamara Krepps, Department of Army

Tom Creighton, ADL

Tyler Dixon, Riptide Learning

Wendy Wickham, Data Interoperability Standards Consortium

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