2.5. Activities Resource


ID Requirement
XAPI-00250 An LRS's Activities API rejects a GET request without "activityId" as a parameter with error code 400 Bad Request
XAPI-00251 An LRS's Activities API upon processing a successful GET request returns 200 OK and the complete Activity Object
XAPI-00252 An LRS has an Activities API with endpoint "base IRI" + /activities" (7.5) Implicit (in that it is not named this by the spec)
XAPI-00253 An LRS's Activities API accepts GET requests
XAPI-00254 The Activity Object must contain all available information about an activity from any statements who target the same “activityId”. For example, LRS accepts two statements each with a different language description of an activity using the exact same “activityId”. The LRS must return both language descriptions when a GET request is made to the Activities endpoint for that “activityId”.

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