Property Name Description rdf:type rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:domain rdfs:range
xapi:closelyRelatedNaturalLanguageTerm A property used to connect the xAPI term to a specific sense, or meaning, in natural language that is very closely related. The sense will be identified with Wordnet, a carefully constructed ontology that aids in word sense disambiguation, which has been used with many different languages. owl:ObjectProperty skos:relatedMatch skos:Concept wordnet:Synset
skos:definition A property borrowed from SKOS that is used to provide a plain text definition or description for a resource. owl:AnnotationProperty skos:note
skos:inScheme A property borrowed from SKOS that relates a concept (for example a verb) to a concept scheme in which it is included. Verbs and Activity Types should be in a concept scheme (vocabulary) and are connected using this property. owl:ObjectProperty skos:ConceptScheme
skos:prefLabel A property borrowed from SKOS that is used to provide the preferred lexical label for a resource, in a given language. owl:AnnotationProperty rdfs:label
xapi:referencedBy A property used to connects an xapi:Verb not directly maintained by the controlled vocabulary author to a vocabulary that is reusing and referencing the term. owl:ObjectProperty skos:inScheme skos:ConceptScheme
skos:scopeNote A note that helps to clarify the meaning and/or the use of a concept. owl:AnnotationProperty skos:note
xapi:thirdPartyLabel A property used by people who did not create the original verb, but would like to offer an alternative label for it. owl:AnnotationProperty skos:altLabel Inherited from skos:altLabel

Figure 7. Table of recommended properties for xAPI Vocabulary datasets.

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