Experience API SCORM Profile

The Experience API SCORM Profile is a companion document to the Experience API Specification. Its goal is to provide guidance to those in the SCORM community looking for a way to leverage the Experience API. This profile offers guidelines for representing SCORM data and events as Experience API Statements. Use of this profile will provide consistency in reporting and retrieving data traditionally stored in an LMS, and allow for the development of interoperable tools outside of the typical LMS environment.

An accessible, printer-ready and reader-friendly version of this document is also available as a gitbook here: https://adl.gitbooks.io/scorm-profile-xapi/content/

Project Structure

The xAPI SCORM Profile. It is in markdown format and can be viewed here.

Contains the current RDF version of the xAPI SCORM Profile vocabulary. You can learn more about ADL's vocabulary effort by reading the document or viewing the project here.

JSON Schema files of the xAPI document objects defined in the SCORM Profile. See the SCORM xAPI Data Objects section for format details.

xAPI SCORM Profile Site

Find additonal information and developer resources on our xAPI SCORM Profile Site.


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